Knowledge Management

IFS provides Knowledge Management (KM) personnel and support activities designed to create, organize, apply, and develop new knowledge management processes and procedures, as well as combine, restructure, and/or repurpose existing knowledge in response to identified knowledge gaps.

Through our extensive expertise and level of experience, our established techniques and methodology for employing sound KM processes allow for the effective and efficient fusion of full-spectrum, National-level strategic, operational, and tactical goals and objectives.

Through our critical support activities and adaptable innovation, IFS is credited with dramatically improving organizational learning, innovation, and performance through expert-level evaluation of process workflow, developing solution sets to systemic planning problems, and organizational troop-to-task analysis.

Due to the significant contributions IFS provides our customers, we are relied upon to work collaboratively with supported warfighters, intelligence personnel, and senior leadership to analyze, design, construct, manage, and employ shared software and database management systems.

Through our innovative platforms and processes, we provide the vital capability to preserve, organize, secure, distribute, and exchange archived and dynamic information in support of immediate operational decision-making efforts supporting real-world operational activities within hostile and denied areas of operation.